My Digital Studio - MDS - Ch-ch-ch-changes

My Digital Studio - Post #5
Ahhhhhhhhhh! I can't stand it!!! I can't stop playing with this program!!!

All my digital pictures that I have had on disc, computers, CDC, thumb drives..... have all started calling my name......"Tracie, Tracie..... don't forget me.... you can make me into a beautiful project..... save me!"
And so I listened... and I dug them out... and I came to realize that they are right..... they deserve to be on display!!!!

When I discover these little gems, I soon realized that my kids are Ch-ch-ch-ch-changing before my very eyes!
This layout really showed me how they are growing up... OMG I am getting so old. Now I know I have at least 3 earlier years. I just need to dig them up and then I can make this a 2 page layout!

OMG!!! I am never going to sleep!

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