My Digital Studio - MDS - I Love Ice Cream

MDS Post #6 - Yummy ice cream! 
Featuring the ability
  • To change the shape of your photos with the built in feature.
  • To rotate your letters
  • To make ticket corners (using a circle to mask the paper)
Changing the shape of photos
There is a built in feature that allows you to select your photo and with a click of a button, instantly change the shape from square to round.
Rotating Objects
There are 2 ways to rotate objects (in this case I rotated the letters).
  1. You can click on the image and hover over the corner until you see a circular arrow
  2. click on your image and on the right side of the program use the rotate scroll bar.
Ticket corners
With there being no ticket corner punch int he program, I was still able to make a ticket corner by layering a small circle in each corner in the same color as the layer of paper underneath.

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