Play Time - Not Prep Time

It is so nice to get an invitation to just go and make a couple of cards. I seldom take the time as I am always prepping for classes (so it feels). The other night my friend/On stage travel buddy/downline had a few extra kits leftover from her open house and invited me and a few other over to just play. It was so relaxing and therapeutic!
Having everything prepared so that all we had to do was assemble was awesome and I now get it when my customers say this to me. Thank you Cindy for reminding me how much I love making cards! This is one of the designs she created for us.  I love the layout and color combination! This card uses the Daisy Lane stamp set and coordinating medium sized daisy punch. This card is gorgeous and has found a prime spot on my display board!
I will post another card tomorrow that I got to make. There were 3 and they are all stunning! Thanks again Cindy.

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