Pierced Blooms Alcohol Technique

Pierced Blooms
 If you have been following my posts for the last couple of days you will notice the trend I am on with this technique. I wanted to share this card because I took a different approach to the technique. On my previous samples I colored the entire sheet of vellum first, then I spritz the Isopropyl all over the vellum and then added additional Isopropyl with a water brush. Today I added one color at a time and only used a water brush to add the Isopropyl. I then used the color spritzer (retired from a few years ago) to "spread" the ink around. This approach gives more of a distinct color separation whereas the other approach is more of a "blended" look. I love both ways. What do you think?

I also find with this approach the colors almost look like flowers - particularly the pink on the left side of the card - do you see it?

If you would like to make this card here are the supplies you will need:

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