Ink Blending Tips and Tricks

Hello and welcome! Today I am sharing with you the Ink Blending technique. I love ink blending backgrounds and seeing what colors appear as you mix different ones together. Here I have experimented with Tahitian Tide (top) and Highland Heather (bottom). The color they create is this really pretty purple (center). 

Ink Blending Tips and Tricks
Now one thing to keep in mind is the more intense you apply the colors (i.e. the heavier your hand) the more intense the intersecting colors become. Here I have used a fairly light hand to apply the 2 base colors because I wanted to then overlay a stencil and use the same colors with a much heavier hand to make the dots pop.

Something else I want to share with you are a couple of tips I do when blending ink.

  1. I like to blend on a glass surface - a plastic surface works as well.
  2. Always start off the paper when you begin blending.
  3. Using a glass surface will allow you to minimize ink wastage. What I mean by that is that the ink stays on the surface of the glass and as you blend your ink you can pull that excess onto the card. That being said, however, be careful not to drag your hand through the ink. 
  4. Once your are finished blending, wipe up the excess from your glass mat.
I hope these tips help you!

Happy stamping!

Hugs, Tracie

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