Merriest Trees - Orchid Oasis

Eeekkk!!!  I am so thrilled with how this card turned out!  Never would I have thought that Orchid Oasis ink would make for such a beautiful colour on the Merriest Trees!  OoooLaaaLaaa! I love it!. 

Layering the tree layers onto the Winter Meadow DSP is stunning!

Check out my card!

Merriest Trees
I know it is hard to see, but I made a tiny bow from the Silver & White Sheer Ribbon – item # 162149 and stuck it to the top of the tree. I then added 3 adhesive backed glitter sequins & glitter to the bottom of each tree layer to finish the card.
What do you think?  I know some crafters don't care for "non-traditional" Christmas colours and that is ok, but, this one makes me happy!
What do you think? Leave me a comment below.
Are you a traditional Christmas lover or do you like to sway away to the non-traditional colour?


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